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“Rubies Zero wants to cultivate positive change and protect our environment by supporting businesses through conscious products and achieving carbon neutral practices.

As members of both SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) and the HIGG Index, Rubies are dedicated to ethical business practices. Rubies are wholeheartedly committed to changing and evolving the business and methods of design, manufacturing, and distribution to ensure we reduce the impact on the planet and stay ahead of the curve in the industry with regards to eco-friendly technological innovations.

The business overall is evolving and working towards becoming fully climate conscious; all of these endeavours, combined with future plans, supports Rubies mission to eliminate our Carbon Footprint completely.”

As the world’s largest designer, manufacturer and distributor of costumes Rubies has a responsibility to care for their customers and a duty of corporate responsibility. A huge part of our ongoing strategy has been to change both the way we package our products and the products themselves. It’s why we are delighted to bring to you the brand-new Green Range costume collection! Featuring all of your favourite characters, these costumes have been specially crafted with the environment in mind.

Research has revealed that millions of costumes end up in landfill each year after being worn once and thrown away. These costumes are largely made from plastic-based materials (think polyester, nylon or acrylic) and directly contribute to plastic waste.

We understand navigating todays retail climate whilst trying to make conscious choices can be complex, which is why we’re committed to being as transparent as possible with our Green Range, so you know exactly how they are crafted and their environmental impact. Together, we can change the world, one costume at a time.

Our Green Range is designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible, manufactured with 100% responsibly sourced materials and recycled polyester from plastic bottles. Enjoy the transformative power of dress-up without impacting the environment with Rubies Green Range.

One thing that is often overlooked when creating conscious goods is the lifecycle of the product and how this impacts the environment. Therefore, all of the Green Range has been constructed to be more durable, reliable, reusable and energy and resource efficient than ever before. They are also all machine washable, meaning you can re-use the costume as many times as you want and pass it down to the next generation, simultaneously eliminating the need for single-use purchases and reducing the amount of plastic waste created from dress-up.

We’ve removed all plastic from the packaging of the Green Range including replacing the hangers with (just as mighty!) cardboard ones, so it can be entirely recycled.

FSC® is a certificate that guarantees that the materials used are sourced from sustainably managed areas. The certification is valid only for forest-based materials. In the case of packaging, this means cardboard and paper only.

This means that the sources of our cardboard are covered by forest management, which looks after the water quality, forest cover and protection of old forest lands in areas where trees and other materials are sourced, whilst also preventing hazardous chemicals from being used in production. What’s even better is it also considers the wildlife and plants in the area and takes measures to protect them, ensuring our packaging is responsibly sourced and produced.

Trees are only cut down at the rate they can be reproduced to maintain a CO2 neutral forest. FSC® also takes care of the people involved in the manufacturing process; all individuals that work in the forests are provided with training, safety equipment, fair salaries and the option to join or create unions. It also maintains that any work should be beneficial to the local population, including the use of local labour and Indigenous populations are involved in forest management, protecting sacred grounds. Depending on the socioeconomic conditions of the country of origin for the materials, the FSC will also develop local infrastructures such as schools and clinics.

To top it all off, all wood must be completely traceable no matter how complex the supply chain is.

The recycled polyester that we use in the Green Range is obtained by crushing and melting plastic bottles and spinning it into a polyester fiber. This reduces the harmful impact of production on people and the environment with responsible production, transparent communication and traceability.

The Global Recycled Standard verifies the presence and amount of recycled material in fabric and also tracks the flow of raw materials from its source to find the final product. It is a full product standard that, although voluntary, means when a manufacturer is certified, their chain of custody, social and environmental practices and chemical restrictions are all monitored and adhere to their strict guidelines. This means you know exactly what we’re doing to make the Green Range well… as green as possible.

Recycling products is one way to help combat climate change, because it requires less energy consumption than making new products. It also helps reduce waste globally, by taking pre-used products like plastic bottles and creating something new with them.

By taking small steps like these in creating the Green Range, not only are we helping to reduce the environmental impact of your purchase, but together, we’re also helping to create more conscious textile and toy industries!

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